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Project Description
NTheora was created to provide a thin wrapper around the theora codec.

For demonstratio purposes there is a video conferencing application included in the source code using WCF as the underlying transport layer.

The following points can be used as a roadmap to see the current state of the project:
  • (done) set-up source code
  • (done) first version of theora wrapper
  • demo application
  • provide full functionality in the theora wrapper

Problems faced so far:
  • WPF Mediakit is providing captured images in RGB color space; Theora requires YCbCr
  • AFAIK: C#/WPF is not supporting YCbCr color format for images
  • RGB to YCbCb color space conversion is taking too much CPU
  • Depending on the WebCam it seems that not all support YUY2 as the format for the sample grabber.

The work in this project is based on the outcome of:
and uses (with minor changes) for demonstration purposes.

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